Monday, May 4, 2015

PJs visiting Ventura & Terrifying Judges

Recent decisions from 2/6, which has been down a justice since Justice Coffee's retirement years ago, show that PJ Gilbert and crew have been getting some help from Divisions in LA. Making the trek up north have been 2/4's PJ Epstein and 2/8's PJ Bigelow. So don't be surprised if you see a familiar face in a new venue when you next appear in Ventura.

Speaking of PJ Gilbert, the DJ runs his monthly column today, this one titled Terrifying Judges.

But all writers have an obligation to all of their readers - to be understood. We may fall short of this goal because we often write to understand. Writing through the problem gets the writer to a way station, a place of private understanding. This "stop" may be far from the final destination. The re-write for the reader tests the writer's understanding. 
It requires effort to express what we wish to say or write. And it requires effort to read with are so we do not make unwarranted assumptions. Even with these cautions, uncertainty is ubiquitous. 

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"An opinion ought to be written so that a reasonably intelligent reader knows what it means. The opinion ought to be concise and clear, not vague and obscure. The holding of a case should state a principle of law with sufficient clarity so that persons can carry on their affairs with reasonable predictability as to the legal consequences of their actions. If, however, an opinion can reasonably be susceptible to different interpretations, then the writer may have failed to meet his or her obligation.... We writers and readers of opinions should heed the admonition of Voltaire. 'Let all the laws be clear, uniform and precise: to interpret laws is almost always to corrupt them.'
(A Dict. of Legal Quotations (1987) p.18.)"

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