Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Diverse Trio to 2d DCA

Today's DJ has a number of appellate-related articles.

  • Governor Chooses Diverse Trio to 2nd District Court of Appeal: Governor Brown's appellate selections would come to bench from diverse political stripes. The article calls Elwood Lui, age 74 appointed to Div. 1, "a Republican litigator who is returning for a second term as an appellate justice" [after Gov. Brown appointed him back in 1981, where he served until 1987] ; Lamar Baker, age 37 to Div. 5, "a White House lawyer" from Gov. Brown's alma mater ; and John Segal, age 54 to Div. 7, "a judge on the [LASC] bench" since 2001. The article concludes: "During Brown's third term, from 2011 to 2015, he made 237 judicial appointments. The demographic breakdown: 38.4 percent women, 9.3 percent Asian, 11.4 percent black, 16 percent Hispanic and 59.5 percent white, according to figures released by his office."
  • Image result for diverse trio of beer
    Congrats & Cheers to the diverse trio!
  • FYI, here's the MetNews' report: Brown Names 74-Year Old, 37-Year Old to Court of Appeal
    Former Justice Elwood Lui Is Twice the Age of Obama Administration Lawyer Lamar W. Baker; Superior Court Judge John Segal, 54, Also Gets Gubernatorial Nod
  • State Appellate Justice Sets Retirement Date: Justice Patti Kitching will hang up her robes after 22 years on the 2nd District Bench. "She has not yet picked a retirement day but said it might be Oct. 5, the anniversary of her appointment by Gov. Pete Wilson."
  • MCLE: When a court learns of jury misconduct post-trial, by retired LASC judge Kathryne Ann Stoltz.