Thursday, April 9, 2015

The DJ's Appellate 'Inside Insight'

Ok, so you may not read the Daily Journal's Daily Appellate Report ("Every opinion; every day") anymore. After all, all the cases are online in real-time and you probably already get several "here are today's cases" e-mail alerts everyday already.
Thus, you may not have noticed that the DJ is now running a daily page called 'inside insight' in the DAR that delivers a bite-sized appellate goody every day. For instance:
On Feb. 26 and March 25, it was Dissent of the week, summarizing and quoting from an interesting dissenting opinion.
On April 2, 6, it was Supreme Statistics indicating opinion authorship, time-in-majority, and voting splits.
On March 24, 30 and April 3, it was Supreme Statistics, but with different data, showing "lower court scores" (i.e., reversal rates by Court of Appeal districts) and authorship by justice (as a percentage of opinions with alike voting splits).
On March 27, it was Superior Court Scores, showing how trial courts fared on appeal (e.g., in February there were 24 decisions arising from LASC decisions, of which 42% were reversed).
On March 19, it was 9th Cir. Appellate Authors, noting that in February there were 17 published opinions from the 9th Cir. (in Jan. there were 28), and listing which judges authored how-many majority opinions, dissents and concurrences.
On April 9, it was Court of Appeal Appellate Authors, noting that there were 92 published opinions in January, 74 in February, and 66 in March; and for the March opinions, Justice Gilbert was the 'champ' by having drafted 4 majority opinions.
You get the idea. This is a really interesting development. So good job, DJ!
And it will be really interesting to see how the stats shake out at years' end.
So now, instead of just tossing the DAR, at least rip off the cover and look at Inside Insight.
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Love those charts!