Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lights, camera, roll 'em... On 5/5/15

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Image result for the sessions movie posterImage result for chicago movieToday's LA Times presents After Court Adjourns, 9th Circuit Judge's Movie Nights Are A Hit here, about the movie nights at the Ninth Circuit, started by Judge Kozinski.
Image result for lights camera actionKozinski holds the event, known as KFF or Kozinski's Favorite Flicks, three or four times a year, usually at the San Francisco courthouse or at the 9th Circuit's building in Pasadena, where Kozinski is based. A film buff who has his own Internet Movie Data Base page, Kozinski started movie night years ago after learning that many of the law clerks in Pasadena had never seen "12 Angry Men," the Henry Fonda classic about a holdout juror.
See also 9th Circuit Judge Opens Courthouse Doors to Public for Free Movie Night in the ABA Journal. (Posters for recent KFF showings posted here.)
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The next KFF (showing United 93) is Cinco de Mayo at 6:30 (courthouse tours at 5:45), with special guest Ron Meyer (cofounder of CAA and head of Universal Studios). Not only will there be pizza, Kozainski's (aka Donna's) famous hand-crafted salad, beer and snacks, but in the spirit of Cinco de May, there will be margaritas. RSVP here.