Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The fat lady keeps singing + enlarging 4/2

Another entry in the 2015 first-line contest today, this time from PJ Gilbert, in McReady v. Whorf.
Sometimes it's not over when it's over. A bankruptcy extinguished defendant debtor's liability on a judgment in favor of plaintiff. But here it did not extinguish plaintiff's lien on the bankrupt's business from which plaintiff was entitled to the assets and profits of the business.
And an irresistible chance to geek-out and use this graphic:

(Don't get it? Non-linguistic majors click here; non-Trekkers click here.)

Too dorky? Want actual appellate news? Ok, then click here to read a bill proposing another Justice seat for 4/2.
(Hat tip to SCANNer Kent Qian.)

Also, the Appellate Section of BASF's Barristers Club presents live and webcast "Grab Another Bite: Obtaining En Banc and Supreme Court Review" on April 21 (6-7 p.m.), featuring Judge Bea. Info here. (Great idea to webcast it!)

Also of note, this decision here, where both parties "improperly appeal," but the court (2/3) treats both appeals as writs. In contrast, see here.

And -- Can you get to SCOTUS from the Court of Appeal? Yes, it's possible! Click here for an article about a case from the 2d District that's going up.