Friday, February 27, 2015

Beds: "Viewpoint: Airbags in His Underpants"

Image result for bells and whistlesYep, that sounds like a Beds' column (click here); except that it's not really about what you might think at all; it's far more serious, it's about -- oh, wait, wow, have you seen these dancing kittens? And ten ways celebrities lose weight? And how to re-fi via an offshore Hong Kong holding company? It could save you big time on your mortgage! Uh, what were we just talking about??

William W. Bedsworth, Associate Justice
We are evolving past reading. We are so spoiled by visuals and sound bites and electronic ephemera that we are losing the patience it takes to read things. Unless somebody promises us sex or novelty or some kind of endorphinal gusher, we aren't willing to devote the time to reading it.