Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mosk on Mosk!

2/5's Justice Mosk has an interesting article in today's DJ titled Mosk on Mosk and Civil Rights in California. Here's the upshot:

"My father was in the forefront of the civil rights movement. He established a Civil Rights division in the state Department of Justice; fought for Latino voting rights in the Imperial Valley; ruled that schools could consider race in efforts to desegregate schools; worked to end discrimination in housing, lending and public accommodations; sought to educate law enforcement on minority issues; supported the extension of the jurisdiction of the California Fair Employment Practices Commission; and hired minorities and women into the state Department of Justice.
After a long and sordid history of racial discrimination in the state, California emerged as a leader in state and judicial action to combat it. And Stanley Mosk was an important figure in that battle."