Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baxter on Cuellar

Today's DJ features Conservative Stalwart Reflects on His Tenure, in which Justice Baxter (age 75 and looking sporty with his fancy vintage autos) expresses no regrets about leaving the court and allowing the Governor to appoint "someone potentially far more liberal." "Baxter described his successor, former Stanford Law School professor Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, as 'a wonderful, talented individual,' ...." He also shared thoughts on Justices Lucas, Richardson, and the current Chief.
Also in today's DJ: Plaintiffs' bar hopes for sympathetic ear on MICRA from new justices, characterizing our new Supreme Court as "more left-leaning,""much younger," and "more liberal than any time since the Rose Bird court 30 years ago."

Sometimes he and other members of the court would vote to grant review in a case even when that case was not a good vehicle for review and a majority of the justices voted against review just "to communicate to the appellate bar that he [was] interested in that issue."