Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recorder Interviews Justice Stewart

Today's Recorder offers a short interview with 1/2's new Justice Therese Stewart here, the "first openly gay woman to serve as an appellate justice in California."
Justice Stewart recently appeared at the BASF Appellate Practice Section MCLE program, where she shared the following comments: For her assigned cases, she reads the briefs and drafts the opinion in order; for cases from another chambers, she first reads the draft opinion and then focuses on particular issues in the briefs. She always focuses on the table of contents. She advises practitioners to make the introduction interesting: explain what the issue is, why it's important, what is the "fault line." Detailed headings are useful. Don't use obscure acronyms or try to make points without setting the proper context.
Admits she does laundry on the weekends.
The Recorder also has Supreme Court Pick Sails Through Confirmation Hearing, the MetNews has Panel Confirms Kruger, Completing Supreme Court, and the DJ has Leondra Kruger has Easy Confirmation to State Supreme Court.

Also of note: See The Supreme Court's Christmas Party that Wasn't.
"In 1947, we have this uncomfortable moment where the justices are confronted with what amounts to a demand for desegregation within the court," said George Mason's Davies. "For whatever reason, they could not bring themselves to do what they were about to tell the American people that they had to do" seven years later in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education.
See The Green Bag, A Christmas Gift for the Supreme Court: How a 1959 Holiday Party Eclipsed a History of Discrimination.