Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Leondra Kruger is Active -- and so is the Gov!

The DJ reports that nominee Leondra Kruger activated her California Bar membership yesterday. (Here's the page: enjoy now b/c once she's a judge, the page won't provide as much information.) This report comes in the article: "In Unusual Move, Governor Speaks Out in Defense of State High Court Nominee -- Week before confirmation, governor calls Leondra Kruger 'extraordinary legal talent' despite youth." Yes, she has argued 12 cases in SCOTUS and was named acting deputy SG at age 34 -- but virtually her entire career has been in DC. Willie Brown had questioned why the Gov couldn't appoint an African-American in California; and Justice Sims criticized her seasoning. But the Gov counters that she is eminently qualified, extraordinarily talented, and a could make an important contribution to California law.
See also The Recorder's Brown Defends Supreme Court Pick from Detractors

[12/19 update: The JNE Commission rated Kruger as Exceptionally Well Qualified, as reported in The Recorder at Supreme Court Pick Gets Highest Rating by JNE Commission, and in the DJ at Controversial State High Court Nominee Gets Sterling Rating]

Also the California Supreme Court Historical Society's Fall/Winter issue is now available here.