Monday, December 1, 2014

Kruger nomination: not enough seasoning?

In today's DJ, Emily Green presents State Supreme Court Nominee Described as Understated, Thoughtful: Supreme Court Nominee has reputation for being level-headed, win or lose, about Leondra Kruger. The article discusses her 12 oral arguments before the US Supreme Court over the past 6 years. She is described as serious, understated, thoughtful, collaborative, level-headed, "never an 'um' to be heard," "not someone who feels the need to start talking when the question ends."

She is also described as "completely unqualified" by Justice Rick Sims (3d DCA ret.): "If being on the California Supreme Court were simply a matter of brilliance, she probably would be qualified. But it's not. You have [to] bring an appreciation for a history of California law, where it has come from and how it has evolved." To elaborate on this point, Justice Sims has his own article in today's DJ, Kruger Lacks the Necessary Experience, with the following point headings: Lack of Knowledge of California Law; Lack of Judicial Experience. He concludes, "At 38 years old, she would have plenty of time to pay her dues on a lower California Court, where she could learn about California law."

See also in today's Recorder, Reading the Tea Leaves on State Supreme Court Picks.
And see Governor Selects Department of Justice Lawyer for CA Supreme Court/Governor names federal lawyer, Pasadena native to California Supreme Court, in the California Bar Journal.