Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Celebrate the Day with these links: here and here.

Today's DJ runs:

  • "A love letter" from retired Justice Grodin outlining why he loves the Court of Appeals' recent opinion (by 1/2's PJ Kline) in People v. Buza.
  • "4th District Split on Criteria for Countrywide Mass Action: Split appellate court says hundreds of homeowners can sign onto suit against Countrywide," discussing the majority opinion by Justice Bedsworth and "strongly worded dissent" by Justice Fybel.
  • And, "A Curious Panel Selection Procedure in the 9th Circuit," discussing concerns about how the assignment of judges in the federal courts of appeals, and particularly the 9th Circuit, was not be truly random.
  • Here's a random-picker web tool that might come in handy!