Friday, November 14, 2014

LASC Rule on Courtesy in Briefing

Here's an LASC rule you've probably never seen:
Be Excellent to Each Other"The language used in any brief or document filed in this court must be courteous, and free from insulting criticism of any person, individually or officially, or of any class or association of persons, or of any court of justice, or other institution. Any violation of this rule shall subject the author or authors of the brief or document to the humiliation of having the brief or document returned, and to punishment for contempt of the authority of the court." (LASC Rule VII.7.Briefs)
Isn't that classic? Be "courteous" or be 'humiliated'!
Why haven't you seen this rule before? Because "LASC" in this context is the Louisiana Supreme Court.
In California we don't need such a rule because we are already excellent unto each other, right?

Rambo litigation tactics are so 80's...