Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Go, Paul, go!

Who in the 2d DCA is "is an optimistic guy, an energetic guy," "very quick, very witty, very funny," and "gives 110%"? Yes, that's plainly 2/5's PJ Turner, profiled in today's DJ under the dire-sounding headline Cancer-stricken Justice Paul Turner Keeps A Full Caseload While Waiting for Liver Transplant.
Presiding Justice Paul Turner
"I could use the prayers and you could use the practice." 

This guy is not PJ Turner,
who has "never drank, never smoked, and never caroused." 

And now we've all got to try S&W Country Diner... 

Also of note today, in the continuing saga of "how random is the 9th Circuit," see Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Seize on Kozinski Remarks.
And continuing the streak of wins by vexatious litigants, check out this case.