Thursday, November 6, 2014

6th's Grover profiled in today's DJ

Today, SoCal was graced with a visit from Justice Marquez of the 6th District, who spoke as the OCBA Appellate Section's program. (More on that later.)
But the 6th is also on the SCAN radar screen today because the DJ features a profile of Justice Adrienne Grover.
Associata Justice Adrienne Grover
"I knew I did not want to be a lawyer.""If you are really true to what the law demands,
there are times that it takes courage to do that as a judge."
With a passion for high-energy particle physics and a master's in linguistics, she "was skeptical the world needed more lawyers."
Are You Positive?
A Riverside Superior Court judge told her, "There is always room for a good one." That judge was her father, an "FDR man" who ran a "Democratic household." Justice Grover followed in her father's footsteps to specialize in land use and water law, and leans left politically and jurisprudentially. {Justice Marquez is mentioned several times in the article, seemingly the equivalent of a photo-bomb to this profile?! Perhaps he's next on the DJ's radar screen...}