Thursday, November 20, 2014

5th DCA to follow the 1st in using TrueFiling


Starting in 2015, all attorneys submitting documents for filing in any appeal or original proceeding with the 5th DCA must file electronically through an electronic filing system, known as TrueFiling, developed in partnership with the vendor ImageSoft, Inc. See Local Rule 8. The e-Filing system will allow electronic transmission of documents to the court on a 24 hour basis. 
e-Filing will be mandatory first in all civil appeals and original proceedings, with a planned commencement date of January 13, 2015. Approximately 30 days later, e-Filing will be mandatory for all criminal and juvenile appeals and original proceedings. Everyone is urged to periodically check the court’s website for updates. e-Filing through the TrueFiling system will be required for all attorneys, unless an exemption is granted. Self-represented parties are encouraged, but are not required to, register for electronic filing.