Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Justice H. Walter Croskey dies at 80"

That's the story in today's DJ, noting that Justice Croskey of 2/3 died on Friday at age 80.
The MetNews has Court of Appeal Justice Walter Croskey Dies at 81:
  • "Court Clerk/Administrator Joseph Lane said Croskey had been hospitalized for treatment of a blood disorder. Doctors were initially hopeful of a recovery, but his condition recently took a term for the worse, Croskey said.Services were pending as of Friday afternoon.
  • His colleague, Justice Richard Aldrich, noted that Croskey’s death came on the 20th anniversary of Aldrich being sworn in. The four members of that division, including Presiding Justice Joan Dempsey Klein and Justice Patti Kitching, served together that entire time, one of the longest tenures of an appellate division in the state’s history."

Stay tuned for more information.