Monday, September 15, 2014

Court of Appeal Analysis of Supreme Court reversals

The original symposium
Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Many thanks to Mitch Abbott and his firm Richards Watson Gershon for hosting the Wine & Cheese (and desserts) Reception for Appellate Lawyers and Judges at the Annual Meeting! This is a great tradition -- and the wines are always amazing (this year: Caymus, Duckhorn, Ridge, Silver Oak to name a few).

Putting aside the State Bar Annual Meeting...
The DJ's been feeding appellate needs w/many good articles the past few days!

  • On Thursday, GSMR's Alana Rotter shared Maximize the Impact of Amicus Support.
  • On Friday, Emily Green got to work with Appellate Justices Get Mixed Results at State Supreme Court, which includes a chart showing reversals and affirmances by district and division. She concludes that this past year was a good one for 2/3's Justice Kitching, who affirmed four of her opinions. She contrasts this with Justices in the 6th District who had four reversals, to which Justice Rushing yawns "big deal." 
Permission granted to reproduce this chart
graciously provided by the Daily Journal.
  • Friday's DJ also featured "Law of the case -- a case in point," by the Reed Smith team of Jim Martin, Paula Mitchell and Anne Grignon, focusing on the recent Lummi Nation opinion. Anne recently also published Why You Need a Court Reporter to Set the Record Straight in Law360, which links to this useful chart showing which counties have reporters.
  • Today's DJ has JUSTICE Hoffstadt's latest article, Fourth Amendment Geometry.
  • Can't Touch This Equation