Friday, June 13, 2014

International Arbitration?

Never Judge A Book By Its Movie

International Arbitration: Not a concept that resonates with appellate practitioners. Arbitration is anathema because it generally precludes appeals. And because, like politics, all appellate practice is "local," the term "international" does not spark the excitement of the appellate bar. So why are we talking about this?
Well, today's DJ has a book review of Gary Born's International Commercial Arbitration (2d ed.) -- a trio of volumes, weighing in at 4,408 pages. Who would tackle such a book review? You'd need someone with a keen interest and unparalleled background in the field. Paging Justice Mosk! On cue, Justice Mosk arrives, and with a favorable review to boot.
All we can say: Appellate lawyers will probably be waiting for the movie...

In other news:
Friday the 12th
Rejoice! Today IS Friday the 13th.
And tomorrow is World Gin Day -- a "holiday" that may be observed by a few lawyers...

And, congrats to the 21 Appellate Rising Stars listed in SoCal Super Lawyers here.