Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Awards, awards, rubber chicken...

You'll recall that Ninth Circuit Judge Alarcon recently received LACBA's Outstanding Jurist Award. But I bet you're dying to know just what the actual "award" looks like, right? Well, here it is:
If you can't tell, it's a bust of Solomon.
"Just what I've always wanted!"
Also, at LACBA's June 26 Installation & Awards dinner, appellate lawyer Ed Horowitz will be receiving the Matthew S. Rae Outstanding Section Leader Award for his amazing leadership of -- not the Appellate "Section", which he chaired back in its committee days in the early 1980s, but -- the Senior Lawyer's Section, which as we've reported before deserves praise for the cutest bar logo ever!

Speaking of LACBA, the Appellate Section's next meeting will be June 18 (Wednesday, not the usual Tuesday) titled "What are YOU doing here? The Role of Appellate Counsel in the Trial Courts."

Today was the 60th annual Beverly Hills Bar Ass'n Supreme Court lunch, at which Justice Kennard gave a stirring rendition of her life story and the glories of American freedom, and the Chief gave a state of the judiciary update. The event was held at the Montage, and the lunch was far better than the usual rubber chicken.