Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Primo" Insights + Award for Justice Liu

Happy Law Day! (Originally intended to counter the celebration of Labour Day aka International Workers' Day.)
The Haymarket affair is generally considered significant
as the origin of international
May Day observances for workers
And there's no better day for Justice Goodwin Liu to receive a judicial service award from the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association, tonight at the Golden Dragon. Details here.

Today's DJ profiles Justice Eugene Premo of the 6th District (6th District Justice Eugene M. Premo, who's been on the bench for 45 years, has plenty of insights). The article notes that he uses technology "sparingly" and that he "takes a hands-off approach to his own decisions," leaving it to his research attorneys "to write the first draft of opinions and doesn't direct them how the decision should come out." Then they talk about it if he disagrees.

Associated Justice Eugene M. Premo
"I got all I can deal with here;
I don't worry about [the Supreme Court reviewing my opinions]."