Monday, April 28, 2014

"IAIA" re Gort v. Kort: The Day the Case Stood Still

You've probably seen the phrase "Thank you in advance" (sometimes abbreviated TYIA) in emails where the sender is asking for something and, presumably, won't send you a thank-you if you provide it. It's always struck me as a very odd phrase (and perhaps Bryan Garner will write more on it [see here]). But I'm invoking my own version now: I apologize in advance for this post.
But I simply can't resist noting Friday's case Gort v. Kort, a poetic caption straight from 1950's science fiction.
Klattu barata niktu, everyone.

The Day the Case Stood Still: Demurrer sustained without leave to amend, affirmed.
Day the Earth Stood Still 1951.jpg

Need another amusing case name? How about Coffey v. Beverages & More.