Monday, April 21, 2014

Another name in the hopper for the 2d DCA

Today's MetNews reports Ventura Judge Tari Cody Being Considered for Court of Appeal. Presumably that would be for the spot on 2/6. "The MetNews previously reported that Los Angeles Superior Court Judges John Segal, Luis Lavin, Helen Bendix, Brian Hoffstadt, Lee Edmon, and Sanjay Kumar; U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins; and Southwestern Law School professor Christopher Cameron were under consideration for the court. There is a presiding justice vacancy in the district’s Div. One and there are associate justice slots open in Divs. Two, Four, Five, Six, and Seven."

Also: Don't miss Law360's Female Powerbrokers Q&A: Horvitz & Levy's Lisa Perrochet, where Sugar Puddin' discusses sexism and her admiration for her father and Justice Kennard.