Tuesday, April 15, 2014

9th Cir. Judge McKeown has technophilia

Today's Recorder profiles San Diego-based 9th Circuit Judge McKeown, here, with an emphasis on her technophilia. Once upon a time she founded Perkins Coie's IP practice, and now apparently uses Fitbit, Uber, Viber, and other apps, and loves reading about technology.

Today's MetNews reports that "Los Angeles Superior Court Judges John L. Segal and Luis A. Lavin are under consideration by Gov. Jerry Brown for appointment to this district’s Court of Appeal." "The MetNews previously reported that Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Helen Bendix, Brian Hoffstadt, Lee Edmon, and Sanjay Kumar; U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins; and Southwestern Law School professor Christopher Cameron were under consideration for the court. There is a presiding justice vacancy in the district’s Div. One and there are associate justice slots open in Divs. Two, Four, Five, Six, and Seven."
Also, on Monday the MetNews had an article titled Senate Puts Off Vote on Ninth Circuit Nominee Friedland.

Friday's DJ (4/11/14) also had an article, Retired justice to oversee prison capacity compliance: Elwood Lui will have the power to release inmates if state fails to address crowding.
Photo of E. Lui

Interested in probate appeals, or just questions of appealability generally? Then check out yesterday's Kalenian v. Insen.