Monday, March 3, 2014

DJ profiles Justice Blease, and more

Today's DJ profiles Justice Coleman Blease of the 3d District. Now in his 35th year, he is the 2d longest serving Court of Appeal Justice (after 2/3's PJ Klein). A juicy quote: Legislative intent is "what the courts hide behind when they want to apply policy." Needless to say, he is a strict statutory constructionist.
Cole Blease, Associate Justice
"Smart, smart, smart," says 3d DCA former PJ Scotland.

Also in today's DJ, If a Tree Falls on You in the Forest -- PJ Gilbert's monthly column.
And, a letter to the editor -- Former Justices Unfairly Portrayed in Vacancy Column -- defends the honor of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Bird and Justices Reynoso and Grodin.
Over at The Recorder, see Appellate Elites Learn to Love Patents and Ben Feuer's How to Obtain a Stay Pending Appeal.
Finally, the AOC has issued this press release and report, showing more diversity on the California Bench.