Monday, December 16, 2013

2014: Kozinski's final year

The DJ's John Roemer has a cover story today titled 9th Circuit's Chief Judge Charts Independent But Effect Course, covering the last six years of CJ Kozinski's seven-year term as chief. USD Professor (and blogger) Shaun Martin is quoted thusly, "He's proven wrong those detractors who thought that his sometimes irascible personality would prevent him from being an effective leader. he hasn't let his position as chief compromise his strongly held values as judge. The Circuit is still standing, it hasn't been cut in two, and his colleagues aren't actively throwing things at him. I count that as success." So who's the Prince of Wales at the 9th Circuit? Judge Sidney Thomas, who becomes CJ at the end of 2014.
Also of interest is a law review article by Josh Stein, Tentative Oral Opinions: Improving Oral Argument Without Spending a Dime, in the Journal of Appellate Practice and Process.

And in The Recorder, H&L's Fred Cohen has this: Your Skills: Making Your Mark