Thursday, December 5, 2013

Appellate Recusal article & FPPC Form 700s

Wealth & Poverty, 17th Cent. Flemish painting.

"The Center for Public Integrity gave California the best ranking for judicial financial disclosure among all 50 states and Washington D.C.," according to this interesting article in today's Recorder. Hey appellate practitioners, are you not familiar with Form 700 (here)? Perhaps you should be. (FYI, they are available when purchasing judicial profiles from the DJ. Or take a look here (COA) and here (Supreme Court) for  examples.)

Appellate Bar Junkie update
The MetNews has a snippet piece about H&L's Brad Pauley becoming chair of the ABA's Council of Appellate Lawyers. "The Council is part of the ABA's Appellate Judges Conference and is the first and only national appellate bench-bar organization" Brad is also the vice-chair of LACBA's Appellate Courts Section.

Also of interest, the 3d Circuit has started a chambers sharing plan: see Appellate Court Saves Money by Making Chambers Space Go Farther