Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ABC to JNE to 2?

Today's MetNews reports that Audrey B. Collins is being evaluated by JNE for a spot on the Second District Court of Appeal.
If ABC were to join the state appellate system from CD Cal, she'd be following in the footsteps (most recently) of Carlos Moreno, Nora Manella, Jeff Johnson, and many others making the more general fed-state switcheroo (e.g., 1/3's Martin Jenkins, etc.). 
The 2d District has vacant seats in Divisions 6, 2, 7, and 5, with upcoming openings in 1 and 4 -- i.e., every Division except 3 and 8. Lots of seats means lots of applicants, so be sure to fill out those JNE (and other bar group) forms when you get them. And you will.
In other SCAN (SoCal Appellate News), last night was the ASCDC's annual Judicial Reception at the Jonathan Club in downtown LA. Joining the many LASC and CD Cal judges enjoying the swinging holiday scene were appellate judges CJ Kozinksi, and PJ's Bigelow and Epstein. Judicial participation in these sorts of bar events is highly and sincerely appreciated: It's not really a judicial reception if no judges come!
And tonight is the annual LACBA ACS holiday cocktail party at Duplex on Third (8722 West 3d St. @ 7 p.m.). If you're in the neighborhood, please drop in. Xmas sweaters not required.