Friday, November 8, 2013

PJ Epstein to retire ... within the next decade!

Today's DJ profiles 2/4's PJ Norm Epstein (At 80, Justice Norman Epstein Isn't Slowing Down), starting off by noting his age and presumably asking him when he'll retire, prompting the quote: "I love the work ... At some point within the next 10 years I'll retire." So there! Even the reporter noted that he's energetic and quick-witted. No duh. The DJ's 2004 profile noted that Justice Epstein "doesn't see himself stepping down anytime soon." What part of "I love this job" is unclear? (The actual quote was "The job ... of an appellate judge is intrinsically one of the best legal jobs anywhere. It's a great job.")
Practitioner quotes describe him as scholarly, conscientious, focused on underlying policy, sensitive to the human dimensions of cases, has a command of technical issues.Presiding Justice Norman L. Epstein

One reader notes that the profile could have mentioned that PJ Epstein was singled out by Chief Justice George in his memoirs as the one justice on the court of appeal who would have made an excellent choice for the state Supreme Court.
And speaking of the excitement about the former Chief's book: don't miss Emily Green's cover story on Wednesday's DJ (and the excerpts the DJ also ran that day) or the LA Times article here.
Finally, rounding out this week's appellate news, the DJ insert on "Municipal Lawyers" included a write-up of appellate specialist Mitch Abbott, who in some circles is best known for hosting an outstanding appellate reception most years at the State Bar Annual Meeting.