Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Justice Mosk: Truth Was Our Only Client

Can't get enough of the JFK 50th anniversary nostalgia? Then check out the latest issue of Stanford Magazine for Justice Mosk's article Truth Was Our Only Client.

And more: In Monday's DJ (Nov. 18), Justice Mosk has an article titled JFK Theories Abound, which begins:
As I expected, there has been a torrent of books, television programs and movies about the Kennedy assassination - this week being the 50th anniversary. The idea that after 50 years some have finally stumbled onto the truth should be greeted with skepticism.
The fact is that the Warren Commission Report came up with the correct conclusion -- one that has not convincingly been challenged in 49 years. That Oswald committed the assassination is indisputable. There is not one credible shred of evidence that there was a conspiracy.