Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DJ profiles 4/1's Justice Irion

Today's DJ profiles 4/1's Justice Irion, starting off with the tragedy of her father's murder.
Practitioner quotes include these: "her questions are well focused, very clear and concise"; "she is one of the more thorough questioners at the Court of Appeal. She goes beyond the briefing to get to the bottom of the issue"; "polite and professional to everyone in the courtroom"; "bright, dedicated and absolutely brilliant"
This amusing pic has nothing whatsoever to do with Justice Irion.

Joan K. Irion, Associate Justice
"She digs to the root of the problem."

Also, today's MetNews has an article titled C.A. Justice Suzukawa to Retire at End of February, quoting him as saying that "It seemed to be a good time to go. I'd like to try some different things. There are so many places on my bucket list [and retirement will me to see] a bunch of different places ... while I'm still ambulatory." He noted that he would "probably not" do private judging, practice law, or sit by assignment.