Friday, November 1, 2013

"A non-ideological justice who rarely dissents"

That's the subtitle of today's DJ profile of Justice Timothy Reardon of 1/4, who "has a computer," but still handwrites his opinions (which his judicial assistant then types out). The article describes him as soft-spoken, conservative, practical-minded, people-oriented, and never loses sight of the humanity in every case. He has a great sense of public responsibility and says he will never become a private judge.

"I didn't know what he was staring into.
I thought he was just watching TV."

Time's 1963 Man of the Year may have been MLK,
but Notre Dame's 1963 Man of the Year was boxer Timothy Reardon.

And speaking of the 1st District, both the DJ and Recorder have articles today about candidates for the two vacancies on that court. Names include Judges Kramer, Karnow, Miller, Brick, Jackson, Smith, and practitioners Jon Streeter, Therese Stewart, Linda Lye, and Chuck Dell'Ario.