Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Litigator Rex on Oral Argument Misdemeanors & Much More

From the Jurassic past comes timeless wisdom:
Litigator Rex
Dig into Litigator Rex's Argument Misdemeanors for Five Ways to Ruin Your Oral Argument, sharing sage pointers on humor, timing, concessions, questions and remedies.

Also be sure to park yourself in front of GMSR's Alan Rotter's article in today's DJ, Appeals, Writs and Summary Judgment, about California appellate procedure regarding summary adjudication.

Over at The Recorder, Scott Graham has been doing some serious excavation into the backgrounds of 9th Circuit nominees: see Friedland, Owens Fill in the Plot on Ninth Circuit Nominations. And making it an appellate-twofer today, he has another article (here) about how Governor Brown "is vetting Therese Stewart, San Francisco's chief deputy city attorney and the point woman on its legal fight for same-sex marriage, for a vacancy on the First District Court of Appeal."