Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Court Statistics Report is here!

The report you've all been waiting for is here now: Statewide Caseload Trends 2002-2012.

  • The Supreme Court issued 87 written opinions in 2011-2012 (29 being death penalty cases)
  • The odds of a grant of review in a civil case is 6% (and 4% for civil writs). [see pg.8]
  • Only 1 Court of Appeal opinion was depublished; last year it was 11. [see p.15]
  • Statewide, 17% of Court of Appeal opinions in civil cases were published, with the 6th DCA publishing 27%. [see p.27]
  • The 3d DCA has 56 pending fully briefed appeal per justice; the 1st has only 21. [see p.20] This may account for the 3d DCA having the slowest median time from notice of appeal to opinion (551 days). [p.28] In contrast, 1/5 has the fastest median at 382 days.
  • 79% remains the affirmance rate for civil appeals; 18% remains the reversal rate; and 3% dismissals. These figures have been essentially unchanged over the past 3 years. [p.26] 
  • Writ status are on page 33. 2/3 stands out as having decided 18 by written opinion.