Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DJ profiles 4/1's Justice McIntyre

James A. McIntyre, Associate Justice
"Not captain of the chess team."
Yet philosophy degree from Brown and law degree from Stanford.
The DJ continues its stream of SoCal appellate profiles with Justice McIntyre today, featuring quotes describing him as "down to earth," "very straightforward, practical, no-nonsense" -- a pragmatic judge who deflates the theoretical or eggheadedness of appellate law and brings things down to practical realities.
In terms of writing style, he keeps it short and simple: "A Lawyer should be able to tell you in two sentences what a case is about."
Readers of 4/1 decisions may have noticed that Justice McIntyre's opinions don't use footnotes and don't have a lot of wind-up: As he's been known to put it, "Context is overrated."