Monday, June 3, 2013

APJ Gilbert's 25th anniversary!

Today 2/6's APJ has his usual column in the DJ. But, in honor of his 25th anniversary of publishing his column, he has reprinted a "document of historical significance" -- his very first DJ column. Titled "It Never Happened," the essay covers (what else!) depublication of Court of Appeal opinions by the Supreme Court. Back in 1993, the Supreme Court depublished 109 cases. In 2011, only 11 cases were depublished. Don't miss this column for Justice Gilbert's insights and humor.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, SoCal appellate lawyers may be wondering "where are they?" Yes, it's the first week in June, and historically that meant oral arguments in Los Angeles (and an opportunity to take summer associates to watch). But this year, they are in San Francisco instead, coming to LA only three times this year as a budget savings measure. The Court is scheduled to be down here the week of October 7.