Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Articles of Appellate Note in the Recorder

The Recorder is now running another part of its "Your Skills" series, with a trio of articles about what happens next after a trial ends. One article addresses "Preparing the Costs Memorandum," another (by GMSR appellate lawyers Kent Richland and Gary Wax) touches on how to carefully canvas a trial record to spot potential issues ("Between Trial and Appeal, There's a Record"). The third, "Misbehaving Juries May Alter Verdicts," concerns how social media misconduct may result in a new trial. This last topic seems quite timely... Juror's online research forces new trial.

Justice Beds' latest is also available here.

The Recorder also ran an interesting article on Friday about 1/2's Justice Lambden leaving the bench: Appeal Court Consensus Builder Leaves Bench.