Saturday, April 20, 2013

You are cordially Invited...

Here's an invitation you can't refuse: An Invitation to Comment!

The Spring rules proposals are out and circulating now with comments accepted until June 19.
The appellate proposals you care about are SPR13-02 to SPR13-10.
So take a look here and get those comments in...

SPR13-02: Appellate Division Rules & Form (misdemeanor appeals)
SPR13-03: Defaults in Procuring Record
SPR13-04: Civil Case Info Statement
SPR13-05: Decreasing the Number of Copies of Filed Documents
SPR13-06: Felony/Juvy Appeals Transcripts
SPR13-07: Civil Appeals RTs
SPR13-08: Seal Records
SPR13-09: Signatures on Filed Documents
SPR13-10: Writ Proceedings