Thursday, April 4, 2013

More on Moore!

Today's DJ profiles 4/3's Justice Eileen Moore. Here are a few "take aways":
  • caring demeanor; very compassionate person; a humanitarian
  • enjoys the scholarly side of the law and writing
  • combat nurse in the Vietnam War; mentors veterans
  • profits from a macrame business, Knots & Pots, funded law school at Pepperdine
  • tort plaintiffs lawyer in practice; cross-examined Pat Boone and Wally George
  • a Republican who marched with Cesar Chavez
  • "Race Results" is her book about minorities' progress at the High Court and in film; upcoming book "Gender Results" addresses the treatment of women by the Supreme Court and in movies
  • arranged the high school art contest for the paintings that decorate 4/3