Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Appellate Court Experience (Feb. 2013)

No, not a psychedelic rock concert (The Jimi Hendix Experience), but just as exciting!
The Appellate Court Experience, colloquially known as ACE, is a program sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, in which lawyer volunteers (usually from the LACBA ACS) explain the court system to a class of high school students; the students then go to the 2d District Court of Appeal to watch oral argument in a case selected just for this program, and ask questions of the lawyers and justices; then, when the case is decided, the volunteers return to the classroom to discuss the outcome.
The 2d District's ACE page lists program details and the 30+ schools that have participated.
The next ACE session is scheduled for this Thursday.

Many thanks to ACE volunteers Tyna Orren and Christian Pereira (working with Mayfair High School) and Neil Kalin and Armen Tamzarian (working with Los Angeles High School).

If you'd like to volunteer contact me.