Thursday, February 28, 2013

March 2013's Pasadena line-up

We recently noted how the 2d District Court of Appeal is having a Bonanza of visiting judges.
Not to be left behind, the 9th Circuit is throwing a party of its own, with six visiting judges on Pasadena's March calendar:
Judges Ralph Beistline (D. Alaska), Suzanne Conlon (N.D. Ill.), Sam Haddon (D. Mont.), Matthew Kennelly (N.D. Ill.), Leslie Kobayashi (D. Haw.) and Mark Wolf (Chief Judge, D. Mass.), are all lending a helping hand next month.

Other non-SoCal 9th Circuit judges joining the fun are Judges Gould, Hawkins, Thomas, and Hurwitz.
And SoCal regulars taking the elevator down to the courtrooms are Judges Wardlaw, Paez, Watford, Goodwin, Kozinski, Nelson, and Tashima, as well as Pregerson and M.Smith (who will have to drive from their non-Pasadena SoCal chambers).