Friday, February 15, 2013

Father of the Federal Circuit, Dan Meador, RIP

On the list of Big Legal Thinkers who have passed on to the Highest Court of All this week, we are sad to add Professor Dan Meador.

Professor Meador, who served as law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black in 1954-55, was awarded the Kathleen McCree Lewis Award by the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers for his academic work on the appellate courts, his creation of educational institutes for appellate advocates, and his efforts at founding the renowned and much-loved-by-judges University of Virginia judicial school. Meador played a major role in convening the first National Conference on Appellate Justice in 1975, and served on the steering committee for the 2005 National Conference.

With Maurice Rosenberg and Academy Fellow Professor Paul Carrington, Meador published “Justice on Appeal” in 1976, perhaps the first academic study focusing on improving the appellate process. In 1994 he again joined Rosenberg and Carrington in editing a law school casebook,
Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel.

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