Friday, January 11, 2013

Articles of note

The current edition of Verdict magazine (the publication of the Assocation of Southern California Defense Counsel) contains a few articles of possible interest to appellate practitioners:
* Evidentiary Gatekeeping in California: Sargon v. USC, by Marion V. Mauch
* Getting Appellate Reivew of a Good Faith Settlement Determination, by Alana Rotter
* Beyond the Basics of Stare Decisis, by Benjamin G. Shatz

Also, the current issue of Los Angeles Lawyer has a Barristers Tips column titled How to Prepare for the Unexpected during Oral Argument, by Shawtina Ferguson. This article begins by asserting that "oral advocacy is a critical and often dispositive component in litigation." Although oral advocacy is an important skill for appellate lawyers, most practitioners probably would disagree that oral argument is "often dispositive."