Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tributes to Presiding Justice Sills

  • LA Times:  "Known as a consensus builder and gifted writer, [PJ Sills] was the author of more than 2,400 majority opinions during his tenure at the busy court"

  • The Recorder:  "Among his achievements in the later part of his career, [PJ] Sills played a key role in the completion of the division's new courthouse in Santa Ana in 2009, and was instrumental in the creation of UC-Irvine School of Law"

  • Orange County Register:  Presiding Justice Sills "created an atmosphere of openness among justices on the 4th District Court of Appeal that resulted in collegial decision making," as Justice Rylaarsdam noted.

  • Metropolitan News-Enterprise:  PJ Sills"was among the first jurists in the state to confront the legal issues inherent in surrogacy, and also originated the use of videoconferencing to allow lawyers to argue their cases"

  • O'Connor Mortuary:  Justice Sills "was born to run [the 4/3].  He led naturally, easily, and by example, inspiring integrity by living it. He wrote with style and precision, and put his indelible stamp on the court system both as a jurist and an administrator."

The last link has a guestbook feature where you can leave a message for the PJ's family.