Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Next Two

Our first three candidates share a certain similarity:  former MoFo partners who were appointed to the trial bench and Court of Appeal in quick succession by Governor Davis, and who have distinguished themselves with service to the courts, the legal system, and the community.

Their appointment would also preserve one kind of diversity that would otherwise be diminished upon the departure of Justice Moreno:  geographic diversity.  Of the other six Supreme Court justices, only Justice Kennard practiced law mainly in Southern California.  Our three candidates currently serve on SoCal Courts of Appeal – Justice Fybel in Orange County, Justices Perluss and Zelon in LA.

I will unveil the rest of the Court of Appeal-based Short List on Monday. 

Before I do, I’ll present two more candidates who do NOT serve on the Court of Appeal (though one has in the past), but who offer both geographic diversity and the kind of ethnic diversity many media reports expect.