Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More on Judge Callahan

Here is a photo of James Azadian, Ninth Circuit Judge Connie Callahan, and Ben Shatz at the LACBA Appellate Courts Committee's meeting yesterday.  Judge Callahan shared her rare perspective on the difference between the state court and federal court appellate processes (Judge Callahan was formerly 3rd DCA Justice Callahan).

One difference:  the justices of each California DCA have chambers in the same courthouse, fostering a sense of cohesion.  The Ninth Circuit judges, in contrast, have chambers throughout the circuit.  Also, the California appellate courts have career research attorneys (like me), whereas the federal circuits more often offer clerkships to new law grads.  Judge Callahan maintains institutional knowledge in her chambers by using clerks with various levels of experience, with at least one long-time clerk.