Monday, October 18, 2010

Electronic Briefs in LA

The 2nd DCA has "announced that a web portal for electronic submission of briefs is now ready for use on the court’s web page on the California Courts website:" 

In the press release, the court notes a main attraction of filing an e-brief:  less paper for you to file.  If you file an e-brief, you can submit three paper copies instead of the four currently required.  And in civil cases, the e-brief will be filed simultaneously with the California Supreme Court, as required by CRC 8.212(c)(2)(A).

But here's another advantage, from the research attorney perspective.  Search features will allow us to faster find arguments and citations in your brief.  We'll be able to confirm in seconds that you've raised or responded to a critical issue, or presented an important fact.  We can also survive TOA typos and "passim" cites -- why would you do that? -- to find each time you discuss a persuasive case or statute.

Common sense suggests that a reader would prefer working with an easily searched document . . . .