Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cal Supreme Stats

The California Supreme Court released its annual statistics for the 2009-2010 court year.  Of note:
Filings:  "Total filings increased from 9,556 in 2008–2009 to 9,917, in 2009–2010, the second highest number of filings in the past decade.  [P]  Filings in original proceedings increased by approximately 5 percent to 3,756, while filings of petitions for review declined from 5,158, in 2008–2009 to 5,110. (The balance of filings consisted of State Bar-related matters and death penalty matters.) Civil petitions for review dropped slightly from 1,307 filings to 1,219. Criminal petitions for review increased from 3,850 to 3,891."

Opinions:  "In the 2009–2010 court year, the Supreme Court filed opinions in a total of 105 cases, of which 42 involved civil cases, 37 involved noncapital criminal cases, 23 resolved automatic appeals arising from judgments of death, and an additional three involved habeas corpus petitions relating to death penalty judgments.  [P]  In addition to the opinions filed in the 2009–2010 court year, the court acted by order upon 30 petitions for writ of habeas corpus relating to death penalty judgments."

Publication:  "In 2009–2010 the Supreme Court ordered publication of only one Court of Appeal opinion," and  "an all time low of only four Court of Appeal opinions were ordered depublished by the Supreme Court."

So don't hold your breath on those pub/depub requests . . .