Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2/6 to SLO

The 2/6 is taking a road trip to San Luis Obispo.

The San Luis Obispo Bar Association will host a reception for the justices today, Wed. May 5. 

Tomorrow, May 6, the 2/6 will hear morning oral argument at the SLO County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, 1055 Monterey Street.  At 2:30, there will be a presentation at Cal Poly SLO:  "The Judge’s Role—An Umpire Who Calls Balls and Strikes? The Interpreter of the Rules of the Game? An Open Discussion Concerning Judicial Restraints and Judicial Activism."  Speakers will include Justices Arthur Gilbert, Kenneth Yegan, Paul Coffee, and Steven Perren.

(Pictured:  2/6 Justices and proud Bruins Arthur Gilbert (top left) and Steven Perren (right)