Friday, April 16, 2010

Appellate Gig

So there's a Craigslist want ad for an appellate lawyer. 

The employer? 

California Supreme Court Justice Joyce Kennard

Here's the scoop from the Recorder:

"Kennard is seeking applicants, whom she said by phone must be 'nice' and work 'diplomatically' with others. 

"Kennard’s known as a loveable, but exacting, boss, and her ad makes clear that applicants must be tough-skinned. 'The attorney must be able to work independently,' ads in the Recorder and on Craigslist state, 'while also welcoming extensive revision and editing by Justice Kennard, as well as criticism of the work product by other attorneys on her staff and by other justices and their staffs.'

"Responses must be in by May 15. And the winner could have a job for life."

(h/t Ben Shatz)